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Knowing When It’s Time To Go To The Vet

Let’s face it. No one wants to put their cat in a carrier to go to the vet. But it’s something that cat owners must do from time to time. These are things that cats do to let you know it’s time to go to the vet…..

1)    They have become more finicky about their food. Typically it is not normal for a cat all of a sudden to start disliking their food. It is more likely that there is a medical problem.

2)    They are urinating in abnormal places. This is the number one reason why cats are euthanized or given up to shelters. They are trying to communicate either a medical or psychological problem which in most cases is fixable, especially if diagnosed in the early stages. Go to the vet!

3)    They are vomiting. It is not normal for cats to vomit. At all. Even if they seem healthy otherwise, this is indicative of food intolerance or a primary medical condition. Years of vomiting in a seemingly healthy cat can actually cause significant harm to the intestinal tract.

4)    They are straining to urinate or defecate. This can be a life threatening situation, especially in male cats that are having trouble urinating, so it is best to seek medical attention quickly.

5)    They are paying excessive attention to one part of their body, whether you can see a wound or not. Cats will lick areas that are itchy or painful. An example of this is when cats lick the hair off their underside.  They are usually not just bored. They are trying to tell you that something is wrong either on or inside their body.

6)    They are either quieter or more affectionate than usual. Cats are very subtle and will not be obvious about their pain. Any change in behavior is a cat’s way of telling you that something is not right and should  go to the vet.

7)    This is the only one they won’t tell you. They haven’t been to the vet in over a year if they are under 7 years old, or over 6 months if they are over 7 years old. Cats, just like us, need preventative care yearly or twice yearly depending on their age. Because they are secretive creatures, it is important for them to have a comprehensive physical exam to look for clues of any early medical changes. The earlier we find them, the better intervention we can provide.

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