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Sick Visits & Urgent Care

Get urgent veterinary care when kitty is injured or not feeling well.

If you notice a change in your kitty’s behavior or appearance, it is important to bring them in to see a vet. Cats are very good at masking their pain, so if they are in visible distress, it is usually a cause for urgent care.

At Aristokatz, we begin sick and urgent care visits with a full physical exam and ask you questions about changes in your cat. If your cat is injured, we may run x-rays or bloodwork to determine the extent of the injury. Further diagnostic testing may also be necessary to pin down the root cause of an illness. We know how important your cat is to you, and we will keep you informed of all updates and options, and answer any questions you may have.

  • Changes in litterbox use
  • Decreased appetite
  • New and consistent vomiting
  • Breathing changes
  • Seizure
  • Trauma from injury
  • Toxin exposure

If your cat has any of the preceding symptoms, please give us a call immediately at 203-690-1099.

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