We've moved to our new Fairfield location!


“We foster mom cats and kittens and our “Kitten Academy” has seen over 200 cats and kittens graduate, so we’ve also seen a lot of vets. Dr. Katz stands out as the single most dedicated and sincere vet we’ve ever known. All our vets have cared but Dr. Katz is the only one who has ever offered to meet us after hours and on her days off to check on emergent situations. She also is one of the few who will do house calls. Most vets talk a good game but Dr. K really lives for what she does and proves it. We’re so lucky to live close enough to have her as our vet now.”
Christopher Jansen
"Our cat, Mabel, became a recent “patient” of Dr. Katz. We adopted Mabel as a kitten at three months old. From the very beginning Mabel had many concerning medical issues…an upper respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, and a compromised digestive system. She is a beautiful Maine Coon cat and is now six years old. For the first five years of her life we tried many treatments, expensive prescription diets and probiotics. Needless to say, she spent a lot of time in discomfort. She was not affectionate or very sociable. This past Spring we brought Mabel to Dr. Katz for her first visit. It was a Sunday, in fact it was Mother’s Day, and I had little hope of a return phone call much less a chance of an office visit. Dr. Katz returned my phone call within five minutes and she met us at her office a short time later. From the moment that we met Dr. Katz and she examined Mabel, I felt very confident that we were in good hands! Mabel has a whole new happy and healthy life! No more expensive dry prescription food, no more digestive issues and what a dramatic change in this kitty’s personality! She cuddles up at night when I am reading, she jumps up on my lap to be brushed(that never happened before!)and she follows us from room to room rather than hiding under a table! We are so fortunate to have met Dr. Katz and will be forever grateful to her for making such a positive, healthy influence in Mabel’s (and our) life!"
Kathleen R.
“You’ve been a lifesaver! We are so glad to have such a great vet right in our own backyard :)”
Hilary Martin
“AristoKatz is the best!! I recently found them off Fairfield Patch, and have been so happy since. Love, love, love them! They have a brand new facility in Fairfield, and treat your cats like members of the family. Dr Geri and Emilee make my cats so comfortable, and help them relax during what used to be a stressful visit.

“A cats-only vet is also very important, because the visit can be so stressful on them to start with. No more worrying about dogs roaming around the waiting room, trying to stick their faces in your cats carrier while clueless owners look on. We had a cats-only vet we loved in Glastonbury, and I was afraid I’d never find one down here, so I am so happy to have found them!

“I should also note that they’ve cost about half as much as our old vet (Schulhof in Westport), and the quality service is infinitely better. They also do house-calls if you request one. When our 19yr old was suffering from kidney failure, and we had to make the decision to put him down, they came to the house to do it. He was in his favorite spot surrounded by his family, completely peaceful and comfortable. It made an incredibly hard time so much easier for us knowing he was in good hands.

“Thank you so much for opening in Fairfield, Dr. Katz, you’re the perfect vet for us and our cats!”
Jennifer Phelps
“I have known Dr. Katz for many years (to me she is a highly intelligent “cat whisperer”) and treats each cat as if it were her own. The beautiful decor and atmosphere are a nice footnote compared to her knowledge and sincere love of felines. She treated one of my cats 8 years ago and was amazing with both her bedside manner and spot on with a difficult diagnosis. Had she not moved her practice from Stamford to Fairfield, ALL SIX of my cats would still be in her care.

“I now work for a veterinarian for whom I have the utmost respect. When I have a question on any of my cats where he feels the opinion of a “true cat expert” is necessary, he always responds with: “Why don’t you call Dr. Katz and ask her?” THAT is the highest compliment I believe any doctor can give to another. And when I do call her, she is interested and helpful…I am never rushed off the phone.

“I would HIGHLY recommend AristoKatz – they are a full service, full love, feline family practice!”
Joan C.
“I have been a cat owner my entire life and I can tell you that I’ve never had a vet as caring, attentive and honest as Dr. Katz. From the minute you meet her you get a genuine sense that she is invested in your cat as both a caretaker and a true animal lover. She listens carefully, is gentle and meticulous with her evaluation, and is straightforward and honest in explaining options about your pet’s health. We’ve seen Dr. Katz in both her beautiful, clean friendly office and have had her in our home for a house call. I’m so glad that we found her here in Fairfield and now have a trusted vet for life!”
Jeff G.
“Dr. Katz is an amazing vet! She has seen many of my cats and always treated them as if they were her own. My cats were always very happy and comfortable with her. I’m sure my cats would thank her on a daily basis if they could :)”
Jai P.
“I have been using Dr. Geri Katz to treat my cats for 13 years. My animals are my children and I am very particular about who I entrust with their care. Dr. Katz has helped my cats through many complicated medical situations over the years including autoimmune disease, diabetes, ehrlichiosis, and severe wound repair among other things. Dr. Katz provides excellent veterinary medicine and at the same time is a very kind and caring person. Not all veterinarians are kind and easy to talk to but thankfully Dr. Katz is. She is so focused on her patients that she is still thinking about them and their cases when she goes home at night.

“I feel very lucky to have her knowledge and support and to know that she is there when we need her.” Hey
Julie R.