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Spaying & Neutering

Prevent unwanted behavior and litters with spay or neuter.

Spaying and neutering cats is a medical procedure that involves removing the reproductive organs of a cat. The spay process involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus, while the neuter process involves the removal of the testicles. The surgery is typically performed when the cat is between four and six months old, and most cats recover quickly with no complications.

Most cat owners are aware that spaying or neutering their pets has several benefits. For example, it can help to control the local cat population and curbs undesirable behaviors like spraying and yowling. However, there are other important reasons to have your cat spayed or neutered that you may not be aware of.

Unspayed females have a much higher risk of developing breast cancer later in life, which carries a very poor prognosis once diagnosed. In addition, female cats are susceptible to severe uterine infections which can be fatal if not caught early, and for which an emergency operation is usually required. Male cats who are not neutered will tend to be overzealous when marking their territories with urine. In addition, unneutered males are prone to testicular cancer, especially if their testicles do not descend properly, as well as prostatic and kidney disease.

At Aristokatz, we treat each patient that presents for any surgery as an individual. We are very cognizant of each cat’s specific anesthetic needs as well as pain management.

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