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Exams & Preventative Care

Stay ahead of health problems with regular check-ups for cats of all ages.

Here at Aristokatz, we strive to help your cat live a long, happy, and healthy life. That’s why we recommend preventative visits so we can ensure your cat is thriving from nose to tail. Whether you have a kitten, a senior kitty or your cat is somewhere in between, our preventative care visits are tailored just for them!

Annual Preventative Exams

Our goal is to identify and treat any illnesses or complications before they become major issues. The American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association jointly recommend at least one annual visit that evaluates all facets of your cat’s health and lifestyle. More frequent visits may be required if your cat has an underlying health condition.

We start by learning about your cat’s behavior, diet, and lifestyle. Changes in these subjective factors can reveal a lot about your cat’s health! We will then do a physical examination of your cat’s full body, which includes checking their temperature, teeth, eyes, ears, skin and coat, and heart and lungs. We also assess pain and muscle condition.

Based on the exam and any prior medical history, we may make further care recommendations, including vaccines in accordance with AAHA-AVMA standards, diagnostics, second opinions, or surgical procedures.

We know that cats are often not excited about a visit to the vet. At Aristokatz, we work hard to create a comfortable environment and expedite the appointment process so your cat can be back in its home soon. Call Aristokatz today at 203-690-1099 to schedule a preventative exam for your cat!

Well Kitten Exams

Making sure your kitten stays happy and healthy requires veterinary care on a specific schedule. At Aristokatz, we have three kitten wellness visits to track vitals, ensure that your kitty is up to date on shots, and identify any potential health issues. To learn more about the specific services we offer for kittens, visit our veterinary care for kittens page.

Kitten: 1st visit (up to 12 weeks old)

Aristokatz intake begins with a phone history and records request from a previous vet or shelter. Your kitten’s first appointment with the vet will take about 30 minutes, and will consist of:

  • Parent/owner interview
  • Length of ownership – new client versus the owner of new kitten
  • Behavioral assessment
  • Review of diet
  • Vitals including weight
  • Physical exam
  • Distemper vaccine
  • Identification of any health issues and recommended next steps
  • Review what happens next visit

Kitten: 2nd visit

The second visit with the vet will also take about 30 minutes, and will consist of:

  • Vitals
  • Exam
  • Rabies vaccine
  • 2nd distemper vaccine
  • 1st leukemia vaccine
  • Stool sample collection
  • Blood test
  • Recommendations regarding any health issues
  • Spay/neuter consultation and fee review

Kitten: 3rd visit

The third well kitten visit will be a 15-minute appointment with a vet tech, and will consist of:

  • 3rd distemper vaccine
  • 2nd leukemia vaccine
  • Reminder to set an appointment to spay or neuter

If any of the exams reveal health issues or require consults, an additional 15-minute visit will be booked with the vet.

Call Aristokatz today at 203-690-1099 to get started with scheduling a well kitten exam!

Senior Cat Wellness Exams

By age 10 (56 in human years) the majority of cats have some sort of illness or health issue. Sadly, cats are very good at masking pain, and tend not to show symptoms or pain until they are in agony.

At Aristokatz we believe in preventative medicine. When caught early, many feline diseases can be managed, enabling your kitty to live a long and pain-free life. Our Senior Cat Full Wellness Proactive Exam recommendations are as follows:

  • Base exam
  • Blood work – complete profile
  • Urinalysis with bladder ultrasound
  • Blood pressure (requires clipping hair to access a vein)
  • X-Ray – purpose is to look for common issues that can’t be readily detected with a physical exam (intestinal inflammation, kidney and bladder stones, enlarged heart, lung and airway issues, etc.)

Call Aristokatz today at 203-690-1099 to schedule a senior cat wellness exam!

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