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Dr. Geri Katz

Coronavirus Update: 12/23/2021

Corona and Vet Care. Kitty Valet Service is still available to all of our patients and their human parents

Aristokatz is committed to the well-being of our staff, pet patients and their human parents. We are currently operating during our normal business hours.

Based on the current recommendations to be cautious when it comes to Corona and vet care and to ensure that your pets get needed medical attention, we have put the following in place.

If your kitty is not well or needs a visit for any reason, we are asking our patients to call to let us know that you need an appointment and Emilee will gather detailed information on your pet’s symptoms and issues.


Then, when it is time for your appointment, just park in our lot and call us on your cell phone. When we are ready, we will ask you to bring your kitty in a carrier to our front door. Once you back up at least 6 feet, one of our team members will open the door with a mask and gloves on and take your kitty to the exam room. You can watch through the window and we will put you on speakerphone while we examine your kitty (this also calms your kitty because he/she can hear your voice).

The exam and conversation will be just as if you were in the room! When we are finished with the exam, we will do a virtual checkout and after placing your kitty safely in its carrier we will place the carrier outside our SiDE door for you to retrieve. Then you can safely drive your kitty home.

Please note, if due to emergencies we are running behind, we will call you in your car when we are ready for you and your pet to come to the front door.

Please know that we are taking every precaution to protect you and your pet. Fortunately, WHO has so far determined that the coronavirus isn’t transmitted to or from pets. We disinfect all surfaces between every appointment, as well as doorknobs, and commonly touched surfaces.

Also, if you are not well and worried about caring for your cat, we are happy to board them, space permitting. Please call for availability.

We are here for your beloved pets. Contact us for your kitty appointment today!

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