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Cats eats food outside the home
Picture of Catherine Stone

Catherine Stone

A day in the life of… a closed Aristokatz Vet Hospital

Life is never boring at Aristokatz. You never know when you might be called in for a high-stakes but fulfilling feline rescue, like the SIX feral cats our staff found darting about the parking lot. On a Friday when we were closed, of course!

It wasn’t easy trying to trap and wrangle multiple unsocialized cats that have spent their lives in the wild–the little rascal pictured managed to make her way all the way up the blinds and then proceeded to pee everywhere –but with the help of the ever dedicated Emilee and Nicole, all were tested and treated for infections, given all vaccines, spayed or neutered, and have been found barn homes as these kitties are too feral for socialized homes.

It was a rollercoaster of a day, but it illustrates that at Artistokatz, it really is about the cats above all else, even if no one’s paying, no one’s watching… but maybe more than a few are scratching!

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